At workshops where Networking is defined as the Value Network, improve yourself with real cases to establish, develop, and sustain collaborative relationships.

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LinkedIn Workshops

The LinkedIn Networking Program, designed by the proprietary networking methodology of the Business Networking Academy and through case studies, aims mainly for management and business development program participants to initiate and enhance LinkedIn collaborations.

Networking Courses

Networking courses are designed to equip professionals and entrepreneurs with the perspective of finding common interests with people, maintaining existing relations and building a strong network based on mutual trust.

Speed NetworkingTM

Speed Networking™ aims to help quickly and effectively build strong bonds in groups of people who may or may not know each other.

CEO Networking

CEO Networking Program is delivered on one-one-basis, designed for Chief Executive Officers, senior executives and the members of senior management teams.

Elevator Pitch Training

Elevator Pitch Training equips participants with the techniques to comfortably initiate and maintain focused talks with professionals at any level. The concept of “Elevator Pitch” is based on the principle of introducing oneself to the other in the most efficient manner during up to a 60 second encounter in an elevator.

Networking Hackathons

The teams participating in this activity will focus on the tasks mentioned below throughout the workshop. Networking Hackathons will work as a team in order to develop relationships focusing on internal and/or external customers.

Book Publications

More than 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs have been trained over 10,000 hours at Business Networking Academy. Business Networking Academy publications share these invaluable experiences with larger audiences. All five books published by Optimist Publishing Group can be purchased from all publishing houses and digital sales channels.

  • The Art of Networking: Meet, Introduce and Get RecognizedTM (Turkish - Bestseller)
  • Business Networking with LinkedIn (Turkish - Bestseller)
  • The Art of Networking (English)
  • Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship (Turkish)
  • Risky Management (Turkish)

Real Events

The books are based on real-life field studies, research, and applications that support behavioral development.


The Art of Networking: Meet, Introduce and Get Recognized, and Business Networking with LinkedIn, have become bestsellers in the business books category.

Awards & Working Principles

Award-winning Trainings

Tofaş Sales Academy Trainer who received the Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group.

Tofaş Behavioral Development Workshop Trainer who received the "Best Use of Mixed Learning” from the Brandon Hall Group.

Sabancı EDU Executive Development Unit Trainer came 78th in the world in the Financial Times "Corporate Specific Programs".

Designer of "Speed Networking", selected as the "Best Business Development Program" by Junior Chamber International Turkey, and the "Elevator Pitch Competition" selected as the "Best Youth Project"

Winner of the "Innovative Training" Award at the 25th International Consumer Summit.

Customized Content

Networking trainings are customized according to participants' institutions, sectors, and experiences unique to each case.

Behavioral Development Program

Behavioral development of participants is followed up with supportive work before and after networking trainings.


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