Linkedin Workshops

The LinkedIn Networking Program, designed by the proprietary networking methodology of the Business Networking Academy and through case studies, aims mainly for management and business development program participants to initiate and enhance LinkedIn collaborations.

In corporate LinkedIn management, it is crucial for all employees at all levels to participate in the program. Organizations with a strong network not only have the strongest relations at management or business development but at all levels of the organization.

The LinkedIn Networking Program consists of four phases. The program begins with a general tutorial on using LinkedIn and best practices. Then, there are sessions based on one-on-one and developing current and new collaborations.

A pilot group should be selected for the preparation meeting and laying the ground work before starting the LinkedIn Networking Program. Each group should have an impressive leader. The pilot group is essential for the program’s success.

The second and third phases following the general training take the form of 90-minute one-on-one meetings. There should be preparations before the session, tasks that should be completed by the next session, and documents to be examined. In other words, there should be “Intermediate Tasks” between phases. There should be 3- to 4-week breaks between the phases for preparations and intermediate tasks.

The last phase should aim for participants to make a habit of using LinkedIn, and to follow their development after the training together with the experts.

Sample Program:


PREPARATION - Vision Meeting Before Training and One-on-One Tasks

The “LinkedIn Best Practices" training will be held with general participation in order to enhance institutional and individual collaborations in the initial phase of the LinkedIn Networking Program.

The preparation phase includes the determination of the company's targets and planned acquisitions, and the confidentiality and ethical values ​​of the company’s LinkedIn use, detailed examination of Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4, general training, and approval of one-on-one sessions.

PHASE 1 - LinkedIn Best Practices Networking Training

The “LinkedIn Best Practices" training will be held with general participation in order to enhance institutional and individual collaborations in the initial phase of the LinkedIn Networking Program:

“Vision of LinkedIn and creating collaboration

“Creating and/or rearranging your collaboration profile with best practices

“Effective contact and follow-up methods with best practices

“Applications and technologies supporting LinkedIn

PHASE 2 - Creating a Collaboration Profile

A “Collaboration Profile”, determined in the first phase, will be created with one-on-one and 90-minute sessions.

“Making arrangements in line with the sample profile improvements created during intermediate tasks after the preparation and phase 1,

“Carrying out implementation focused works with executives, chiefly regarding the personal private link, elevator pitch, summary section, characteristics, creating strategic key words before the meeting, creating business opportunities, replying and info collection,

“If not already installed, uploading of LinkedIn's mobile application and examination of critical usage features.

PHASE 3 - Contact and Follow-up

The second step in Phase 3, “Networking with LinkedIn”, in other words prioritization of crucial contacts, determination of resource sharing strategy, active use of sectoral groups, determining follow-up methods and implementation works, shall again be carried out through private sessions with the participants. 

“Examination and prioritization of existing contacts,

“Finding new contacts in mainly LinkedIn groups and sharing contact methods with examples,

“Finding out about best practices for sharing content and resources and discussing profile update strategies,

“Strategies for replying to comments and requests,

“Managing conversion of contacts into communication and communication into networking at a personal level.

PHASE 4 - Development

After the training, one-on-one development sessions shall be carried out online and by mobile, in order to continue replying to possible questions from the participants, and to support regular use of LinkedIn.

“Questions and developments will be monitored one-on-one in 3 teleconferences lasting approximately 20 minutes with each Executive and/or Executive Assistant, in order to support the long-term success of the training and the program.

INTERMEDIATE TASKS - Interphase Preparation and Tasks

The preparation and follow-up of the implementation between the phases will be crucial for the success of the work.

Tasks to be carried out after each phase shall be shared in writing. The process will be supported by phone before each phase.

This is a great program for fast and effective Corporate LinkedIn Management!