Networking Precess Management Projects

Four critical contact points are taken into consideration when establishing the networking processes of companies and teams.

Lots of research has indicated that the impact of a meeting ranks respectively as follows (strongest to weakest):


1- Face-to-face Meetings

2- Phone calls

3- Correspondence

4- Word of Mouth 

5- Passive Communication Channels


1. Face-to-face: The most effective connections are established by face-to-face meetings. However, this bears the highest cost in terms of time, especially in international settings. Prioritization should be done according to targets.

The location of the meeting, whether in the company or external, can affect the impact.

The meeting’s effect may be enhanced or impaired according to whether it takes place between two people or in a larger crowd, whether standing or seated at a table.

2. Phone: Phone calls should be made when correspondence is not adequate or when it can be useful to greet your counterpart with a sincere tone.

3. Correspondence: Misunderstandings are rife in correspondence. Meticulous attention should be paid to the writing style, content mistakes and form of address, depending on the medium (e-mail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.) 

4. Word of Mouth: While remaining the most impressive of the communication channels, it can be risky to transmit a message via word of mouth through a third party. 

5. Passive Communication Channels: Bulletins, news and social exchanges shared by people and institutions over time are vital for recognition.