1. Speed NetworkingTM

Speed NetworkingTM

Designed by Ertugrul Belen in practical sessions, Speed Networking™ aims to help quickly and effectively build relations between groups of people particularly in the business world who may or may not know each other.

Introduced to Turkey and Middle East Region for the first time by Ertugrul Belen, Speed Networking™ is a registered methodology and trademark. It differs from other international speed networking courses in terms of implementation.  

Speed Networking™ and Elevator Pitch Course
For a quick and effective introduction during a brief encounter, both parties need to know how to introduce themselves and their organizations. However, the ways people introduce themselves vary. One may prioritize where they come from, whereas some others would only be willing to talk business. The entertaining Elevator pitch course that takes place prior to Speed Networking™ session enables participants to focus on one another, pursuing the goal of finding "common things to talk about".

Speed Networking™ and Networking Course
The Networking course is specially tailored to participants' needs, depending on the time devoted to a particular event. This course disseminates information on the preparations necessary before a meeting; what to do during introduction; and tips to maintain newly-established contacts. It may be delivered before or after a Speed Networking™ session. The course helps concretize the outputs from Speed Networking™ sessions.

Speed Networking™ and Special Preparations
Some Speed Networking™ sessions require special preparation. Special preparation may include, without limitation, compilation of participants' elevator pitches in a booklet; determining who to meet through a special appointment system; collection and exchange of personal achievements following the events; and conducting other special studies.