1. CEO Networking Program

CEO Networking

Developed by Ertugrul Belen, CEO Networking Program is delivered on a one-one-basis, intended for Chief Executive Officers, senior executives and the members of senior management teams.

It is important that Executive Assistant also participates together with the CEO to guarantee the solid outcomes of the Program.

Duration of CEO Networking Program is one to six months.

Ideal phases of the Program

Phase 1
Studying existing Networking strategies; drafting a Networking action plan in the light of best practices to disseminate.
• Mutual efforts to determine and agree on the Networking goals for the participating CEO
• Identifying strengths and rooms for improvement in existing Networking strategies
• Identifying existing and ideal states of the target groups
• Identifying and prioritizing hubs (contacts with strong spheres of influence)
• Methods to meet groups; determining the frequency and contact persons for these meetings
• Developing Networking mapping strategy

Phase 2
Identifying the critical contacts of the CEO, so-called "Hub", and planning based on Networking mapping practice
• Determining each and every information entry, reference and exchange method to ensure sustainability of relations in the light of the networking map and priorities.
• Making the decision for the first action based on the existing and ideal network of the participating CEO.
• Planning preparations prior to the action

Phase 3
Practicing elevator pitch and networking techniques with the CEO
• Methods to find common acquaintances to reach the ideal network
• Methods to create a chance for an elevator pitch and small talk with the existing and ideal networks
• Methods of meeting and introducing; analyzing the points that require special attention
• Methods to meet new people, necessary preparations

Phase 4
Studying and adapting CEO's and Executive Assistant's ways to follow up, maintain relations, and Referring and reinforcing bilateral relations (remembering names, business card memory method, effective use of technology in Networking)
• Techniques to prepare for meetings and gatherings
• Practical methods to remember names, faces and personal information
• Networking technologies
• Profile on social networks (Linkedin, in particular), developing social Networking strategies
• Determining Networking action plans for upcoming periods