1. Networking Courses

Networking Courses

Networking courses are designed to equip professionals and entrepreneurs with the perspective of finding common interests with people, maintaining existing relations and building a strong network based on mutual trust.

As part of hands-on Networking courses, Networking is defined as contacts in and outside organizations. Therefore, it is essential to make individuals aware that Networking is much more than a mere exchange of business cards or talking to as many people as possible.

Networking, i.e. building a strong network based on mutual trust, is the capability of setting goals through contacts in and outside an organization.

Developed under the umbrella of Business Networking Academy and delivered by Ertugrul Belen, copyrighted Networking courses can be tailored to meet the requirements within an organization or an industry. A preliminary workshop is intended to adapt the business cases to be used throughout the course in a way to fit the culture of relevant industry and organization.

Taking into account international research and the duration of participants' concentration, the methodology for transfer of information and knowledge throughout the networking course is comprised of professionally-developed images, audio, slides, case studies, practices, teamwork, and comprehensive exchange of information and training notes delivered even after the training.

Upon request, participants are issued a participation certificate signed by founder Ertugrul Belen.
Networking courses are also delivered throughout international events.