Networking Hackathons

The teams participating in this activity will focus on the tasks mentioned below throughout the workshop. Networking Hackathons will work as a team in order to develop relationships focusing on internal and/or external customers.


In this step, we determine the network to be formed in line with the objectives of the institution, and the targets of the team in question. Network groups are formed. Segmentation is carried out depending on the need for daily communication. Thus, social capital becomes an open value that everyone can use.


The fact that change is constant, and the requirements of the individuals in the network will constantly change, is considered at this stage. Researching individuals and related matters before and during current and new contacts, and preparing for the conversation, will make a difference.


The culture of consulting with the team, within the organization, and even within the sector, about related matters and contacts, strengthens reference channels as well as making it possible to reach out to the best. Before calling someone, it’s important to get the opinion of the last person who spoke to them and to meet with colleagues who last worked with them. Thus, common grounds are established faster. This early warning system is managed by network intelligence.


Meeting people inside and outside the company is vital. Targets are not designed just by subjects and people. At the same time, we need to determine the best time and environment to meet the person in question, preparations, methods, and even the channel to meet that person. Every case will entail a unique approach. 


It is crucial to introduce people effectively within the company/team and institution in order to meet the targets. Establishing familiarity between the people you introduce creates a great opportunity, and also enables this familiarity to be transferred without losing its impact.

Get Recognized:

It is not sufficient to be recognized by competencies alone. In order to establish natural and intimate connections, people should be able to connect with others through their personality as well. In order to achieve this, we need to share any of our achievements that can benefit our network, offer guidance, leave digital footprints, and become a sectoral reference point by offering regular benefits within the team (at every level).


Value added information obtained and decided by the team at each step should be entered regularly into the system. The aim is to record any information that will support and enable a better start to each meeting than where it was left off. An effective recording approach is the only way to sustain social capital.