Special Networking Programs

Special Networking Programs
Program duration and insights are tailored to the organization's specific requirements.

Module 13. Speed Networking Session
This practical, specially-designed session intends to help participants get to further know each other and provides them with quick and effective meeting techniques.

Module 14. Techniques to Present An Elevator Pitch
Fast and effective techniques to introduce a project to investors are explained through elevator pitch methodology.

Module 15. Networking in Exhibitions, Conferences and Congresses
Do's and don'ts before, during and after an event are explained through practices in order for individuals or teams to build strong contacts in large-scale organizations.

Module 16. Networking Mentorship Program
This program is tailored to suit professionals' and entrepreneurs' corporate and individual goals and aims to deliver networking mentorship in 4 to 20 one-to-one training sessions.

Module 17. CEO Networking Program
Designed for senior management teams, this program is designed to help CEOs achieve their goals, delivering one-on-one theoretical and practical sessions for CEOs in 1-month to 1-year sessions.

Module 18. Networking for Executive Assistants
Aimed at enhancing senior executive assistants' strategic capabilities, the program is set to take place in one-on-on or team formats.

Module 19. Networking for Expats in Turkey
This hands-on program is intended for foreigners residing and working in Turkey and explores tricks for cultural adaptation and the best Networking practices in Turkey.

Module 20. Special Networking Course and Case Studies
Networking courses are tailored to address organizations' and industries' relevant needs in a way to cover special programs,
motivational speeches ("keynotes") and Networking practices.

Networking for Human Resources
Networking for Shared Service Centers and Technical Teams (Information Technology, Accounting, Operations and Engineers)
Networking for Accountants and Financial Consultants Networking for Sales Teams
Networking for Management Trainees
Networking for Management Teams (Manager, Director, GM and Board Members)
Networking Programs
Certification Programs and Networking module for corporate academies
Networking for Women
Networking for Entrepreneurs
Networking module for Corporate Leadership programs
Networking for university students and job-seeking youth

Industry Specific Networking
Networking for Pharmaceuticals Industry
Networking for Commercial Banking and Private Banking Industry
Networking for Telecommunications Industry 
Networking for Energy Industry
Networking for Logistics Industry
Networking for Automotive Industry
Networking for Consultancy Firms
Networking for Retail Industry
Networking for Food Industry
Networking for Manufacturers
Networking for Construction and Real Estate Industry
Networking for Government Development Agencies
Networking for Software Developers and Technology Sector
Networking for NGOs
Networking for Chambers of Industry and Commerce
Networking for Incubation Centers and Technocities
Networking for Consulates and Public Officials
Networking for Professions Subject to Advertising Restrictions (Attorneys, Bookkeepers, Certified Accountants, Physicians)
Networking for Network Marketing Professionals