Risky Management?.

Risky Management?

Recognize Your Corporate Risk with 50 Real Case Studies. Take Measures.

Win by turning obstacles into opportunities.



“No matter the field, the most vital input of good management is information. Information can be gained through experience but ‘experience is the most expensive information’. Business life and management processes are full of risks. These risks may be caused by external factors as well as mistakes by executives. The risk could even be you, yourself. This book converts expertise and experience into information, and presents it to the reader.”

Dogan Hasol, Founding Partner of HAS Mimarlik

“This is an invaluable work in which Murat Belen enlightens the points required by all executives and executive candidates, at every level, when going from case to solution.”

Professor Dr. Hulusi Ozkul, ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering

“Risk effect is like an earthquake for companies. Earthquakes cannot be prevented. All we can do is try and ride them out without damage by taking precautions. Inherently, risks cannot be completely prevented in the business world, but may be managed through precautions. Murat Belen's book sets this out. I learnt that there are issues, cases and solutions I still need to learn.”

Ferdi Erdogan, Chairman of the Board, IMSAD

Murat Belen’s experience, especially over the latter half of his 40-year career as CEO, General Manager, Regional Manager, Board of Directors Member and Chairman of the Executive Board, covers issues that many companies in Turkey are likely to face and require solutions for, now and into the future.

Murat Belen, founder of Belen Consulting, currently provides senior management consultancy to various domestic and international companies, and serves as a professional board member.

Author: Murat Belen, Belen Consulting

Editor: Ertugrul Belen, Business Networking Academy

Optimist Publishing Group, 224 Pages