The Art of Networking, Meet, Introduce and Get Recognized.

The Art of Networking, Meet, Introduce and Get Recognized

How can you meet with people you don’t know and start to cooperate with them?

This is the first book written in Turkey about Networking, widely regarded in recent times as the formula for success.

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The Networking book points out the importance of designing your ideal professional and social life through relationships. The book deals with the idea that you can reach your targets only through strong connections with other people, and the intricacies of Meet, Introduce and Get Recognized. Networking touches upon all those things you have heard about; communication, body language, effective speaking, business development, career planning, sales techniques, motivation, human resources, leadership... What makes networking different is the change you will feel in your life when you apply what you know and what you read in this book at the right time, in the right place, and most importantly, when you evaluate these with your own network.

Author: Ertugrul Belen, Business Networking Academy

Optimist Publishing Group, 232 Pages