Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Introduction

DATE: 4/22/2016
Effective management of network, also known as Networking, is an area that sweeps further attention from today's CEOs and leaders.
Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Introduction.

"Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders" by Business Networking Academy founder Ertugrul Belen have undertaken the mission to shed a light on the mind-sets of those who have been a leader for thousands and hundreds of people, in the most genuine and transparent way possible.

Why "Interviews with CEOs and Leaders"?
Research have proven the conspicuous role of effectively managing relations inside and outside organizations—a task CEOs and leaders cannot simply ignore. The effective networking vision pursued by the CEOs and leaders of various industries, with whom Belen has been working for more than a decade, should not go unnoticed when it comes to the materialization of this project.

Who should read the interviews?

These interviews have taken place for everyone who would be willing to learn what a network means by looking into real-life examples:

- CEOs and prospective CEOs Although the titles General Manager, Executive Board Chair, Board of Directors Chair, and Partner refer to different scopes and definitions of jobs, the term CEO will represent the "leader" in these interviews).
- Leaders and prospective leaders who manage a team of any size
- High school or university students planning their career or a venture
- Male and female entrepreneurs
- Volunteers, professionals and entrepreneurs within Non-Profit Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs); and
- Anyone who can be bothered to be better for people and environment!